Grace Nogueira, Registered Nurse


Hi There – My name is Grace and I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years.

I specialize in anti-aging and wellness for both men and women by offering a wide range of injectable services such as botox, facial fillers, and B12 (to name a few).

In 2005, I started applying my nursing skill to medical aesthetics, and began working with some of the best known plastic surgeons in the United States! In addition to working with facial plastic surgeons, I volunteered my time to go on medical missions to Peru where we performed surgeries on children who were facially deformed – restoring hope and smiles. It was then that a passion within me ignited and I got to really understand the muscles of the face and to see how beauty is truly defined.

I’ve worked endlessly to understand and uncover the mystery of the “golden ratio” of beauty – and the subtleties of how to transform the face look to look refreshed, making folks feel and look their best! Common areas that get addressed are forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, stubborn frown lines, creping skin and deep facial folds.

If you have unwanted facial lines and wrinkles…Or

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If you simply want to refresh yourself… You can schedule an appointment by calling me at 978-729-3587

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Below are the services Grace currently offers.

BotoxBotox* is a simple protein that is expertly injected into muscles to temporarily relax them, helping to soften fine lines and wrinkles.$13 per unit
Lip ContouringBeautiful lips enhance the shape of your face and lip contouring is ideal for those who have lost the shape of their lips through the aging process or simply wish to have more of a "pout".starting at $500
Facial FillersWe offer a collection of Juvederm® facial fillers that provide a spectrum of distinctive formulations that balance, soften, plump, fill, and lift.
Juvederm Ultra Plus
Juvederm Volbella $800/syringe
Juvederm Vollure $650/syringe
Juvederm Voluma x$650/syringe
Vitamin B12-IM (Shot)A quick energy boost of Vitamin B12—essential for building a healthy neurovascular system and supporting oxygen carrying red blood cells. This treatment helps convert fats and proteins into energy and helps break down carbohydrates. B12 plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain, nervous system and production of red blood cells. Lack of Vitamin B12 can cause you to feel tired and sluggish.$25
Fat Breaker - IM (Shot)LIPO-B Injections (Vitamin B10 + Lipo-tropic Amino Acids: Choline, Methionine and Inositol), contain essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help boost your metabolism.
This blended mix helps the body break down sugars and carbohydrates and convert them into energy—and promotes muscle-building while reducing recovery time. Treatment time is ten minutes.