Marion Beauty Salon: Tips for Great Hair Color & Highlights

Hair Color and Highlights - Professional SalonWhether your goal is to cover some gray or if you want all over hair color and highlights, it is important to make sure that you get these treatments done at your local Marion beauty salon. While there are a lot of options available at your local drug store or big box store with regard to hair color and highlights, you are really much better off if you get your color treatments done at the same place where you get your haircut and style in Marion. You wouldn’t trust your amateur hair-cutting skills for special occasion styles, and you shouldn’t trust your limited knowledge and over-the-counter products for hair color.

Even if you have had decent success with boxed hair color in the past, it can’t match the results that you will get from visiting Blue Hair Salon & Spa. Our team of independent stylists, colorists and manicurists can provide you with a wide range of beauty treatments and services. With many years of combined knowledge, training and experience, you can get all of the professional treatments you want, including hair color and highlights or haircut and style in Marion all under one roof.

Why You Should Swear Off Box Color
One of the best tips that you can get for hair color and highlights is to stop using box color. Even when applied by an experienced stylist, the chemicals and formulas that are used in box color can’t come close to the results that you can get from professional hair color and highlights at your local Marion beauty salon.

Box color is a one-size-fits-all solution, but the problem is that one-size does not fit all clients. Some require a higher percentage of developer, while box color uses just one for everyone. Hair color should be customized for each individual person, whether you are getting an everyday gray cover-up or special occasion styles and colors.

Some other reasons to “ban the box” include:

  • hair salons can provide true demi, semi-permanent (temporary) and permanent hair color that will wash out when you want it to or stay put until you remove it or color over it; box color can’t make any realistic promises
  • professional colorists consider your hair’s natural level and underlying pigment, along with your skin tone, any previous pigments that have been added, the percentage of gray and your hair’s level of porosity to create a truly custom hair color and highlights experience
  • even with a friend’s help, you can’t possibly apply box color precisely in the way that it needs to be applied to get the color results that you desire; hair color that is applied unevenly will be blotchy or banded throughout
  • box hair color and highlights dry out and damage your hair, making it feel straw-like and frizzy, which leads to hair loss and breakage; hair color at your Marion beauty salon will not dry out or damage your hair, in fact, it will most likely improve the texture and quality of your hair
  • when it comes to at-home color you might be saving now, but will ultimately pay more later in color correction or new hair styles to hide and repair damage
  • it is nearly impossible to change your color after using box color, especially if you have used it for many years; it is difficult to predict what will happen when trying to do color correction from a box color because the results for each individual can be so drastically different

Your Best Bet for Great Hair Color & Highlights
If you really want to have beautiful hair color and highlights, the only solution is to visit your Marion beauty salon at Blue Hair Salon & Spa. Whether you want to get a haircut and style in Marion as part of an all-over treatment, or if you just want color correction, hair color and highlights, you’ve come to the right place. Everyday and special occasion styles, Brazilian Blow Outs, conditioning treatments and much more can all be obtained right here at our salon.

Our stylists, colorists and other professionals are independent team members, each expert works for herself and sets her own appointments with clients. Make sure to visit our website to read a little bit about each stylists so you can choose the method, experience and services that best suit your needs. Make an appointment online or give us a call at 774-553-5384 to learn more about the professional services that we provide.

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